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Viral Loop Review – The Ultimate Viral WordPress Theme

Viral Loop Review – The Ultimate Viral WordPress Theme
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Viral Loop Review – Should I Get It?


Viral Loop Review – Overview

  • Creator : Cindy Donovan


  • Product : Viral Loop
  • Funnel : Viral Kickstart, Viral Cash Machine & Viral Survey.
  • Price : $37
  • Sales page : >>>CLICK HERE<<<
  • Niche : WordPress Theme

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What is Viral Loop?

Viral Loop is the all-in-one WP theme which allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custom profiles, easily building fresh content and sharing it with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.

And thanks to amazingly simple post creator, you can have your own viral, money-grabbing posts up in under 60 seconds.

The Most Appealing Features of Viral Loop

1. Easy Configuration

With the full step-by-step wizard and tutorials, we will be there every step of the way to help with your set up.

2. Flexible theme

You have the ability to change everything from layout and color to font styles, everything can easily be edited from your admin panel or one click select to choose one of pre-built themes.

3. Advertise multiple banners

Upload and rotate different banners on pre-tested prime location, proven to maximize your CTR, putting more cash in your pocket.

4. Enable or Disable membership signups

Allow visitors to become members so that they can create and share their own lists. You have full control over your growing membership base and data for each member of your website.

5. Lead capture and AR integration

Connect your autoresponder to import automatically email address of every new member when they sign up successfully. So you follow up with them and further monetize your blog.

6. Custom profiles

Your members have their personal profile pages which show their collections and of course encouraging them to share them through social media for more viral reach and hands-free traffic.

7. Display messages

Admin can display various custom messages to either logged in members or new visitors. This is perfect for keeping members up to date with your latest news and opportunities- and enticing new visitors to sign up.

8. Social media

Add your social media links to automatically populate links to your profile pages, increasing your own social media following.

9. Social sharing

One click activation to enable social buttons on every part of potentially viral contents – including the lists themselves, but also each item within those lists.

10. Theme monetization

This theme has the option to make money by adding “powered by viral loop” affiliate links and banners and whenever someone else picks.

Best Benefit of Viral Loop

The greatest features of Viral Loop is to build the contents automatically from every members of your website. It’s very difficult to find such a wonderful theme.

How Does It Work?

viral loop review

Who Need to Use It?

  • Internet Marketer
  • Affiliate mảketer
  • Online Business
  • Shop Manager

Why is It The Best For You?

If you can find any theme better than Viral Loop, you can spend very much time and effort to do an useless thing. Viral Loop can build you a professional marketing website, help you to create fresh contents automatically, bring more profitable from putting affiliate links and ads banners.

The price of this product is very reasonable – $37. It’s cheaper than other similar themes. You can read more on WordPress.

In particular, Viral Loop is in the discount time (80% off), you can buy it with lower price.


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