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Social Media Takeover Review – is It A Scam?

Social Media Takeover Review – is It A Scam?
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Social Media Takeover Review – An Innovative, Proven, & Powerful Service


Welcome to High Product Review!

If you run a business then you will know the struggle of setting up managing and generating leads from Social Media. You have been frustrated by the constant platform updates, annoyed at the dollars just slipping through your finger tips, lack of response, and leads.

There are a lot of the variables involved in Social Media which you are spending hours of your day simply trying to keep up. You may even have forked out hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive training, eBooks, and courses to learn how Social Media works and just feel confused and overwhelmed.

Facebook is a goldmine, however this doesn’t mean you can throw any old link on there and expect to make money. Most people loose money because they don’t know how to set up their ads, optimize them and measure their results.

You can track conversions, generate leads, and capture emails right from Social Media. Most businesses know the importance of capturing their customer’s details but have no clue how to do this on Social Media.

Google is becoming harder and harder to crack with tough SEO rules that keep changing and updating. Your potential buyers are ready and waiting on Social Media with money in their hands just looking for places to spend their money.

Today, I am going to give you a service which goes on with Social Media giving you the ability to target anyone in your target audience; this is by far the easiest way to make money on complete autopilot.

It is called Social Media Takeover.

Keep reading my Social Media Takeover review to discover tons of the benefits of this amazing service.

Let’s get started!

social media takeover review

Social Media Takeover Review – Overview

  • Product Creator: Jo Gunn
  • Product Name: Social Media Takeover
  • Front-End Price: $99
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche:   Social Media
  • Refund: 30-day money back guaranteed
  • Bonus: Check out!

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What is Social Media Takeover?

Social Media Takeover is the premier Social Media service offering a 100% automated way to find leads, make more sales, and be successful with Social Media no matter what business you are in. Jo Gunn and Jasdeep Singh set up 99 Social in May 2015 and since then they have worked with high profile clients including Casinos, Luxury Car Rentals, Beauty Spas, and Online Marketers sky rocketing their results and bringing them red hot prospects directly from Social Media.

99 Social is a small team of Native English based Social Media experts who have found the optimal strategies to get the best results at rock bottom prices. Using the most up to date techniques the team provides a high standard of work with fast set up, and 24 hour support.

What is Included in Social Media Takeover?

Facebook Ad Takeover – Your one and only source for Social Media Advertising

Your niche is researched and this service also finds the hidden sources of only the most passionate buyers just waiting to spend their money

Your campaign is setup from scratch taking the hard work off your shoulders. The service will always update with the latest Facebook changes and algorithms and know exactly how to optimize your campaign right from the start to save you loosing money.

A professional team of the Native English copywriters put together a series of ad sets designed to bring you the traffic you so desire.

Your existing audience is retargeted by finding your website audience and redirecting them back to your website to spend their money over and over again.

A high converting beautiful lead page is setup for capturing potential buyers email addresses directly from within Facebook.

It optimizes your campaign analyzing, optimizing, and split testing your results to give you the best possible conversions at the lowest possible prices.

Social Media Content Smash – Provide you with all your Social Media posts hand crafted, researched, and scheduled

Research the ins and outs of every business it works with.

It shows you to know what your competitors are doing and how to do better for your business.

A team of Native English copywriters carefully put together a balanced blend of content that’s unique for your niche. This service uses a perfect mix of informational, promotional and engaging content designed to get your customers sitting up and listening.

It posts engaging articles, news clips, and related videos on a regular basis to fill your Social Media platforms with authority content enabling your customers to trust you every step of the way.

It provides beautiful images, quotes, and photos direct from your company to complement every post.

It provides you with a flood of traffic by using only the most relevant and targeted hashtags to grab the attention of people across all platforms.

Get the most eyes on your business. This team researchs when the most of your customers are online, and carefully schedule each and every post to go out only when the most people will see it.

Why Should You Buy It?

You will find the right reasons you need such a service in this Social Media Takeover review.

This service is personal to every client. It can research every niche, look at your competitors and dig out the best sources to find them.

It also works on your individual goals from set up, optimization, and conversions we track your progress at every step.

This service is a small team of Native English copywriters ensuring which every word that it publishs on behalf of your business represents you perfectly.

Social Media Takeover is affordable to everyone making sure that you get the maximum profit output.

This team is on hand 24/7 to help answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.

Once this service takes over your Social Media you can put your feet up knowing that it will take care of every detail, leaving you with more time to spend with your customers or simply enjoying the success.


Social Media Takeover is worth buying because you should not miss this great service.

Please try it today! Click on the below button to grab your Social Media Takeover!

social media takeover review

Thank you for reading my Social Media Takeover review! And don’t get your Social Media Takeover bonuses!

social media takeover bonus
Social Media Takeover Review

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